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Feb 20, 2018:

What are The Padgett Messages?

James E. Padgett was a Washington D.C. Attorney (To learn a little bit more of his biography, click here), who lost his wife, Helen, in 1914.  Helen was only 51 years old at the time of her passing.  Mr. Padgett was devastated at the loss of his wife.  Soon, he began to visit Spiritualist groups in an effort to receive any message from the spirit world regarding his wife.

At one séance meeting, Padgett was told that he too had mediumship skills – the gift of automatic writing. He was told to develop his skills, and he would be able to communicate directly with spirits.

Padgett intensely studied whatever he could find on the topic of Spiritualism, mediums and other books regarding communication with spirits. However, he was still practicing law and trying to earn a living in the political arena of  the District of Columbia, a relatively small legal community at the time.  Because he was still an attorney, Padgett studied privately at home and began practicing his skill at receiving spirit messages through automatic writing.

When he first started receiving messages, Padgett could only see scribbles, which he described as “fish hooks” and “hangers”.  After further study and some practice, eventually Padgett was able to make out a short paragraph, and it was a message from his wife — Helen. The Padgett Messages - spirit messages received through automatic writing

From that moment forward, Padgett continued receiving messages. Nearly daily, Padgett would dedicate time to receive messages from spirits, sometimes receiving messages from several spirits at one sitting.  From 1914 through the time of his passing in 1923, James Padgett received nearly 3,000 messages from hundreds of spirits through automatic writing, generally using only a pencil and lined notebook paper. This body of work, some 3,000 messages or more, has become colloquially known as “The Padgett messages”.

So what makes the Padgett Messages different from messages received by other mediums?

This is a great question. Mediums have been around since the beginning of mankind. Even today, there are well-known, “Pop” mediums, such as Theresa Caputo, who has a hit television show called “The Long Island Medium”.  There are others, such as John Edward, Lisa Williams, John Holland and James Van Praagh. They all have mediumship skills of varying degrees, but they all have the gift of receiving messages from the spirit world.

The biggest distinguishing factor between popular mediums today and James E. Padgett are the spirits to whom Padgett communicated. They both speak and receive messages from spirits, but the Pop mediums are generally speaking with the relatives and loved ones of clients and audience members. Padgett received messages from some of the most well-known spirits of mortals from human history, and especially, Jesus of Nazareth — the same Jesus of the Bible.

It is the collection of these conversations with Jesus, and many Celestial spirits, such as a number of his Apostles, Mary, and other known Biblical spirits as well as U.S. Presidents, Nero, Caeser, and many, many other spirits, that has captured the hearts of those who have read the Padgett Messages.

Also, unlike these popular or “celebrity” mediums, James E. Padgett was a working attorney, and he never went “public” with his mediumship skills. He never made a profit from his work with the spirits or the 3,000 messages he received. Instead, he worked quietly in his home and with a small group of individuals that he trusted. Padgett had only a few, close friends that he trusted that were fortunate to witness and document this incredible medium and read the messages he received.

Where are the Padgett Messages now?

Before James Padgett died, the messages were passed to a fellow attorney, Eugene Morgan, who also possessed mediumship skills. Eugene Morgan and Dr. Leslie R. Stone were often present when Padgett was receiving messages from spirit. Through his own will, Eugene Morgan left all of the Padgett messages, as well as his own messages, to Dr. Stone. Dr. Stone was tasked with the important job of publishing the messages.

The publishing of the Padgett messages was a daunting task as these were handwritten messages received through the gift of automatic writing.  Padgett received thousands of these handwritten messages from Jesus, Celestial spirits, and many, many spirits of the lower or darker spheres. It is estimated that Dr. Stone had to wade through over 10,000 pages of individual, handwritten messages that spanned over the last nine years of Padgett’s life.

Dr. Stone never wavered in those efforts, and in 1941 he published the first volume of the Padgett message in his own name. Dr. Stone wanted to create a foundation in honor of his dear friend, but after the objection of the Padgett family, he then founded the Dr. Leslie R. Stone Foundation in 1955. Because of the difficulty in receiving a tax-free status for the foundation in his own name, this led to the forming of the Foundation Church of the New Birth (F.C.N.B.), which was established in January 1958. Dr Leslie R Stone was joined by Dr. Daniel G. Samuels, and Rev. John Paul Gibson as the founding trustees.

The Foundation Church of the New Birth is still in existence, although through a long and varied history, and its trustees hold firm in its twofold mission:

  • preserving the vital Truths which Jesus brought to light during his Second Coming through the mediumship of James E. Padgett; and,
  • disseminating those Truths, especially the great importance of prayer to the Father for the inflowing of His Divine Love into our human souls.

There are other groups who have formed churches based on the Truths as revealed through the Padgett messages. For a comprehensive explanation of the development of these churches, please read the article here.

At some point in 1984, the F.C.N.B placed the publications of the messages into the public domain. Today there are numerous publications based on The Padgett messages.

Also, through the great efforts of Geoff Cutler, and based on the work of Joseph Babinsky, there is a complete publication of The Padgett Messages that was created in a single, chronological publication  where you can read the messages in the date order that James Padgett received them.  By reading them in date order, you will be able to see the context of the messages as well as how Padgett developed as a medium, obtaining more and more of Divine Love.  Click here for the complete version of the chronological publication of the Padgett Messages.

Now the Truths as revealed to James E. Padgett are available to all mankind. I wish to acknowledge and thank the Foundation Church of the New Birth, Geoff Cutler, Joseph Babinsky, and all the Divine Love followers everywhere that have helped make available to everyone this amazing compilation of work by an extraordinary medium and his work known as The Padgett Messages.

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