Sep 10 1916 | Happiness and peace that passeth all understanding comes to the possessor of the Divine Love.

True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 1

Happiness and peace that passeth all understanding comes to the possessor of the Divine Love.

September 10th, 1916

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Samuel.

I come to write you that I am with you in love and hope for your present blessing and happiness. I know that the worries of life prevent you from realizing the influence of this Great Love which is surrounding you and which is ready and waiting to fill your soul to its fullness. But if you will pray more to the Father and exercise your faith, you will find that your worries will lessen, and peace will come to you in such abundance and beauty that you will feel like a new man.

As John said, with this faith, Love will flow into your soul, and you will realize to some extent the joys of our celestial conditions; for the Love that may be yours is the same Love, in its nature, that we possess, and that has made angels of us all, and inhabitants of the Father’s Kingdom. Only believe, and you will realize how willing this Love is to take possession of your soul, and make you so happy that even the troubles that you have will not be sufficient to take from you the great peace that surpasseth all understanding.

I have been in the spirit for many years and have possessed this Love for a long time, and know by actual experience what it is, and what great joy it brings to its possessor, so that you can rely on what I promise you, and feel the certainty that actual knowledge gives. I am now, a wholly redeemed child of the Father, and one who knows that His Divine Love in the soul makes the man or spirit of the Essence of the Father. When this Love enters the soul of man it increases like the leaven in the dough, and continues in its work until the whole soul is impregnated with it, and everything of sin or error is wholly eradicated.

Love worketh all things that man can wish for or conceive of, and more besides. Paul’s description of Love and the wonderful qualities and conditions that emanate from it, does not contain all its emanations and resultant happiness.

But I must not write more tonight for it is late and you are tiring. So believe what I have said, and try to follow my advice, and you will soon experience that peace and happiness which only this Love can bring to the souls of men. So with my love and blessings I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,



This message is a composite of two, being published in Volume I on page 241 and Volume II on page 389. For more details see this page.

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