Dec 29 1918 | Jay Hudson: The Truths that an author has learned since passing into the spirit life.

True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3

Jay Hudson: The Truths that an author has learned since passing into the spirit life.

December 26th, 1918

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


Let me say a word. You are not doing the wise thing in reading that book, (Scientific Demonstration of a Future Life) for it is very largely speculation and that which leads to untruth and harm.

The writer knows now that his hypothesis of the dual mind is all wrong, and that he has the same mind now that he had when on earth, and that no part of that mind died with the death of the body. He also knows that spirits do communicate with mortals, and the subjective mind, as he calls it, does not among mortals furnish the means of communication or suggest the information that is contained in the psychic phenomena. He also knows that the mind is not the soul, but one of its attributes merely, and that it is controlled by the soul and the will.

Many other things besides, he now knows, and is convinced that man is not the result of evolution, but is the immediate and direct creation of God, and that he has no relationship to the brute animal. Sometime he will come and write you fully on these subjects, if you will permit him to do so. Good night,

the author Jay Hudson.


Scientific Demonstration of a Future Life was published in 1904. The author had previously published:

  • The Law of Scientific Phenomena

  • The Divine Pedigree of Man

  • The Law of Mental Medicine

  • The Evolution of the Soul.

There is not universal acceptance amongst followers of the Padgett Messages about the role of evolution. We have been advised by a recent communication that James Padgett was biased towards the notion of creation rather than evolution, as regards the human body, but one does not know if this message is his bias, or a current view of this spirit. A cursory glance at the contents of this book suggests the author believed in evolution, and also believed that there had been an evolution of the soul as well.

My personal understanding is that evolution enhances the physical species, but that creative events are required to arrive at a new specie. So one can correctly argue that man’s body was the result of an instantaneous creative event, but its also not correct to state that there was nothing from which this body was derived. Because in creating a new specie, that which has evolved previously is used as a platform from which changes are made. However until a soul was implanted in a physical receptacle, man did not exist, and that soul was certainly a creation of God which was not based on any evolution of any material animal, because it is not a material thing, it is pure spirit. As one can see, from my perspective both positions (evolution vs creationism) are correct somewhat, yet neither position is accurate. This position of mine has come about via exposure to communications from mediums that do not follow the Padgett Messages. Another interesting source on this subject is the Urantia Book.

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