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John Paul Gibson

Rev. John Paul Gibson was a friend of Dr. Leslie R. Stone, and Rev. Gibson was present during Padgett’s receiving of spirit messages from the Celestial spirits, through Padgett’s mediumship skill of automatic writing.

Dr. Leslie R. Stone, Dr. Daniel G. Samuels, and Rev. Gibson became the Founding Trustees of the Divine Love between 1954-1955.

In 1958 the church incorporated in Washington D.C. under the name of the Foundation Church of the New Birth (FCNB).  They also obtained their federal exempt status for tax purposes.

With the continuing help of Dr. Stone on editing the Third Volume of the Padgett messages, Rev. Gibson worked tirelessly until four volumes were completed.  The last volume was published in 1972. The four volumes remain to this day the most accurately transcribed and comprehensive collection of the more than 1500 messages received by Mr. James E. Padgett. [You can download all four volumes in PDF format for free here.]

Rev. Gibson also created material from the volumes suitable to be used in training new ministers, ordaining more than 25 Ministers to serve the needs of the FCNB.  He also initiated and began publishing the New Birth Christian Commentary magazine.

Rev. John Paul Gibson, D.D., passed into spirit in 1982.  At that time, one trustee remained, Rev. Jocelyn Harleston.  The Church went through several administrative changes until December 1984.  The church continued its incorporation status and Rev. Harleston and many other dedicated individuals continued to maintain the church post office box, to preserve the archives, and to mail out literature.

In 1991, the FCNB formed a new board of trustees, headed by its sole remaining trustee from 1984–Rev. Harleston–and continued to preserve and disseminate the Padgett and Samuels’ messages until her passing.

The Foundation Church of the New Birth is alive and active in distributing the wonderful messages of love received by James E. Padgett.  You can learn more about the FCNB at their website here: Divine

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