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Take The Test and feel God’s Presence In Your Life

It only takes 30 minutes a day for the next three weeks.  I cannot describe what it is worth to take the small amount of time it takes to feel for yourself that you are moving in the right direction and becoming in Essence with God.  Once you do, you can achieve happiness that will last for all eternity.

How do I say the prayer?

Three times each day find a quiet place for 10 minutes where you can calm your mind and focus on your soul’s crying out to God for His Divine Love to fill your soul.  The words are not as important as your soul’s longing, and you can even make up your own prayer if you wish.  The Father hears your prayers through your soul — a soul to Soul connection if you will.

How Do I Know The Test Is Working – Am I Receiving Divine Love?

You will feel it!  Each person feels something slightly different, but something will definitely come to you. For some people, it can be feel almost like a pain in the middle of the chest, or a warm feeling.  Other people report feeling a warmness, sometimes accompanied with a feeling of being held close.

What If I Don’t Feel It?

The only thing that can prevent the Divine Love from entering your soul is the feeling of unworthiness.  God Loves you, regardless of your past.  Simply ask God to resolve your feeling of unworthiness and continue to pray for Divine Love.

Once you start to feel it you will want to ask for more.  And what does God want you to do?  Ask, ask and ask for more of God’s Divine Love.  It comes in small portions so as not to overwhelm you at once.  However, you can continue to ask for His Divine Love until such time that your soul is transformed, and even while you are still on Earth, you can become “angel like” because your soul is filled with Divine Love.

Once you have an abundance of Divine Love, sin will become a thing of the past.  You will be happier, living without fear.  You, people around you and things will change for the better as you work in harmony with God’s laws.  You will find it a joy to continue your prayer because you know you are building your place in the highest of the heavens, reserved for those filled with Divine Love — the Celestial Heavens.  This is attainable by anyone who seeks it, just continue to pray and ask for Divine Love.

You can test this for yourself without it interfering with your current belief system, whether that be an orthodox or organized religion, such as Budaism, Christianity or Judaism, or something else.  If the suggested prayer offends you, make up one with your own words.  Talk directly from your heart and soul to God, asking for His Divine Love.

You have nothing to lose, yet you have a life-long happiness and an eternity of happiness to gain, simply for the asking of God’s greatest gift.  Here is the Prayer for Divine Love.

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