Nov 2 1921 | Helen: Added

Unpublished Messages of James Padgett.

Helen tells how she loved Ned’s love letters.

November 2nd, 1921.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, your own true and loving Helen –

Well dear, I came in answer to your call, for I see that you love me so much, and I think of the time when we knew nothing but love for each other.

Many times after we had separated did I read those wonderful letters of love in which you poured out your heart’s true love to me, and found much consolation in them and wished so often that the love might be with me again as it was when I had all your love.

They were very precious to me and made me live again in the happiness of the past and wished that you were still my own dear Ned, as you were when they were written.

But now, this is all in the past and you must forget those days and live in the full expectation of a renewal of our love when you come to me as you certainly will; and then we will never part again and never will our love become cold or forgotten.

I love you more tonight than ever before in my life on earth and want you so much more. I need your words of love and your kisses and tender caresses and want you to realize that my love is all yours and is so much deeper and purer and more satisfying than it ever was.

I know that you want me, and at times, realize how much you love me and only me. You may have other earthly loves that may help you in your journey through life, but you will find that as soon as the call comes to you to come to me these loves will leave you and your love for me will be the one all absorbing love; and so it must be, for we are soul mates and there is no other love that can take the place of the love of two so closely connected.

I wish that I could write you a long letter tonight, but you are just not in condition and I had to make an effort to establish the rapport. But I saw that you wanted to hear from me so much and so I made the effort.

But sweetheart, I will come soon and write you a long letter of love and encouragement.

Believe in me and my love and you will be happy.

Good night my own dear husband.

Your own true and loving, Helen.


This message is not in the published volumes. But it is the first of such messages that confirm what has been discovered in 2012, that James and Helen separated in September 1910.

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