Mar 27 2000 | James E. Padgett and Dr. Stone Promoting the Love among us.

Messages 1984 to 2000

Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone: Promoting the Love among us.

March 27, 2000

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza.


Dear God, I pray for an inflowing of Your Divine Love at this time, that I may be in rapport with Your Celestial Angels who guide and protect us. I pray for faith in the power of Your Love to transform me into a new creation, born into Your Divine Love. By this Love in my soul, I may be more able to lift myself from the earth plane to make rapport with the minds and souls of the Celestials who are here with us. May we be protected from lower spirit influence, that they may not interfere with this transmission, and may they be taught of Your Gift and Your Mercy. I love You, dear God, and only want to do Your Will. If I can be an instrument for the angels to transmit their thoughts, please use me as such. Thank You, God. I love You. Amen


I am here with you now, my dear sister in Christ, and I am James Padgett and a true follower of Jesus the Christ, our Master and elder brother in the Divine Love.

I am very happy to be able to write today, and you did, indeed, pick up my impression that we wanted to write an answer to ____’s question of whether we communicate. I will assure her that not a day goes by that we do not communicate with you mortals who are aspiring to build the Kingdom of God’s Love on this earth, for our outreach to you is in the many ways we help you and guide you.

Just because I do not write through mortals, as Jesus and others wrote through me, does not mean that I do not play a large role in the building of this outreach which you all participate in by distributing the messages I received while on earth. But my primary goal here is to promote the Love among you – that is, the Divine Love and the Christ Spirit, which is what makes the teachings brought to us effective to begin with.

I want to let you know that during those years of receiving messages from the Celestials, I was in a state of mind that demonstrated my primary desire to think of spiritual things and pray to be in a condition that I might make rapport with the angels. I loved my wife dearly, and I was very much alone when she left the earth plane. The thought that I could contact her and eventually live with her in eternal happiness was a major factor in why I availed myself to the angels as much as I did. I had nothing I wanted on this earth to a great extent; my love had gone to the other side, and there I made contact with a host of others who were very happy to be able to write through me.

I say this to you because I want you to understand that such a state of mind is not what one should aspire to necessarily. Life on earth is a blessed and wonderful thing, and your love for one another, here in the flesh, is a manifestation of the spirit of the Divine that is a rare and precious.

I want you to think of this active Love as the mission you have to carry on; for the words of themselves will gain no souls. It is only the Divine Love of God in the human soul that elevates your soul to such a condition that the trials of this earth life may be transcended, and gains you insight into healing the wounds with which you are born, and those inflicted upon you as you live.

Does this mean that I do not thank you for your dedication to spreading this word in the best way you can? No, we are grateful for this, but you can see how it is imperative that you realize the meaning of the message that Jesus taught: to love one another as he loved us, with the Divine Love. This will make clear how you must interact with one another in the most effective way that can bring the harmony of your outreaches “front and center” so to speak.

Yes, you are all teaching the same message, but you are all different. You are all coming from different backgrounds, and your desires are unique to what you feel is important in your life and the lives of your brothers and sisters. This can be a wonderful opportunity to see how your individual outreaches complement one another. Where one may appeal to the Christian population, one may desire to establish a program for training ministers, and another a healing center, still another a performance ministry. All of you are important players in this unfolding of God’s Perfect Plan, and it is as you pray for the Divine Love and let this Love work its miracle in your lives that you will achieve your goals.

We in the Celestial Heavens work ceaselessly to support and influence events to bring about the goals you have in mind, and we are very happy just to play a supporting role. Dr. Stone is one of those who is not far from your side, and I will allow him to write a message of his own now…

I am here, Dr. Stone – Leslie to my friends – and I am very happy to be with you also, to lend you my support, and assure you that I am with you as your coworker in this wonderful work of spreading the message of Divine Love.

I was very aware of the importance of the messages that James received, and I made it my sole purpose to help get these messages out and available to the public. I can say that we have been more or less successful retaining these messages as a gospel, a good news that (had) to be shared.

John Paul Gibson, his personal faults aside, was aware of our influence in his life, and he could not (even as tried sometimes to fight our promptings) keep from doing the best he could to keep these messages in the limelight. With the coming and going of those like George and Jocelyn, Dave, your mother and Doug, and the many souls who took up the call to live a life devoted to bringing the message of Love to the world, John Paul was only one cog in a wheel that was turning, despite his imperfect perceptions of how it was to eventuate.

Although we had a vision of a vast church, the personalities could not allow much interaction with others in a long-lasting and meaningful way, so we defer to you whose soul development in the Divine Love is sufficient enough to see how this Love can transform and heal the differences which beset so many well-intended souls. One does need the might of God on their side to rise above the temptations to want to do things “their way.” It is a human failing which we are very familiar with, having been guilty of it ourselves.

So, I will assure you that John Paul is here with you also, and is a very contrite soul for having limited his own progression in this Love as he did while on earth. He is much clearer of Jesus’ intentions now, because he has allowed the Love of God to enter his soul and heal the mistrust and doubt that shackled him to his restrictive attitudes.

I will leave you now, and hope that this suffices as a word to you, our dear brothers and sisters on earth. We love you and support you every day. May you find peace and happiness in your faith in this immortal Love, which is truly your possession and your saving grace.

I am Leslie Stone… as I am James Padgett… and we bid you a good day.

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