Sep 12, 1914 | First preserved message from Jesus

September 12, 1914

I am here, Jesus. God is love and they that worship Him in spirit and love will not be forsaken.

I came to tell you that you are very near the [celestial] kingdom; only believe and pray to the Father and you will soon know the truth, and the truth will make you free. You were hard hearted and sinful, but now that you are seeking the light I will come to you and help you, only believe and you will soon see the truth of my teachings. Go not in the way of   the wicked for their end is punishment and long suffering. Let your love for God and your fellow man increase. You are not in condition for further writing. I will come to you again when you are stronger.

Yes, it is Jesus and I want the world to follow the teachings of my words. Goodbye and may the Holy Spirit bless you as I do – Jesus the Christ

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