Mar 17 1915 | A spiritualist author writes that he now knows that Jesus was more than a mere medium when on earth.

True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

A spiritualist author writes that he now knows that Jesus was more than a mere medium when on earth.

March 17th, 1915

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, Eugene Crowell.

By permission of your band, I will write you a little, as I see that you are reading my book,1 and I am, consequently, interested in your right understanding of it.

Well, as you have observed, I did not look upon Jesus as a god, but merely as a very high medium and in great favor with the high spirit powers. And that is correct so far as it goes, but he is more than that: he is the highest, and most enlightened and most powerful of all the spirits, and is the only one of all the great prophets or seers or reformers, or messengers of God, who ever taught the true and only way to the Kingdom of Heaven. And the sooner all spiritualists recognize and believe this fact, the sooner will true spiritualism be established on earth and the Love of the Father be implanted in each soul.

All these things have I learned since I came over here and had the opportunity of investigating the truth at first hand with all my powers, which are not limited or encumbered with the physical senses. So you must, in reading my book, eliminate everything from what you may accept as true that teaches or intimates that Jesus is not the great Master and teacher of the true and only way to God’s Love and salvation.

Of course, all spirits do not understand or believe this, and when John said try the spirits and learn whether they be true or not, he meant just what I have told you. I know now that Jesus is the most exalted son of God, and while we are all His sons, yet none of us is so at-one with Him as the Master. So as you are investigating this question of spiritualism in true earnestness, I thought it best to tell you what I have learned, as I do not want any expression in my book of a meaning contrary to what I have here expressed cause you to doubt for one moment the truths that Jesus and your band have been teaching you.

You are wonderfully favored in having such a teacher, and I believe that the result will be that when you shall have received his messages and transmitted them to the world, spiritualism will become the religion of the whole earth. This is my belief and it is founded on the fact that it will then teach, besides the continuity of life and spirit communication, the great truths that will show men the absolute necessity of following these teachings of the Master in order to become the true children of the Father and be received by Him in His Kingdom of Love and Divine existence.

I must not take up more time now, but will write you again, if permitted.

Yes, it is. Well I thought that you wrote Eugene. I cannot see what you have written at the time of its being written, and when I guide your hand and impress your brain, I think that you have written as I intended.

Eugene Crowell – that is my name. The writing of Edward was not what I intended.

Yes, in 1886, at San Francisco, California. This is true, and you will find an account of my passing over in the newspapers of June 7, 1886. In the San Francisco newspapers. So examine for yourself and you will find what I say to be true.2

Well, I will say good night.

Your recent spirit friend,

Eugene Crowell.


1 He wrote a book titled “The Spirit World: Its inhabitants nature and philosophy” in 1879. As also “The identity of primitive Christianity and modern spiritualism.”

2 Actually this does not appear to be correct. He is generally considered to have died in 1894 and a copy of his obituary is as follows: October 30, 1894, Wednesday:

Dr. Eugene Crowell, who was at one time the leader of the Know-Nothing Party in California, died early yesterday morning, in his apartments in the Hoffman Arms, Fifty-ninth Street and Madison Avenue. Dr. Crowell was seventy-eight years old. He leaves two sons, Frank and Charles E., and a daughter, Mrs. John Halliday of Nyack, N. Y. (New York Times)

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