Aug 28 1917 | Sam Ford: How the spirits progress in knowledge of the Truths.

True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3

Sam Ford: How the spirits progress in knowledge of the Truths.

August 28th, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, and want to say a word to my friend, as I have not written for a long time.

I heard what was said in reference to protection being afforded Mr. Morgan when the Broker calls upon him to write, and I desire to say that I will be present, and the priests will not have any opportunity to interfere, because I am stronger than any of these fellows of the popes and will not hesitate to use my power. Not that I do not want them to receive the benefit that so many of them have received in their communications with Mr. Morgan, but I realize the importance of what you are attempting to do, and the priests will have to wait a while in order to make their assaults.

I am progressing, and it seems to me that I am a different spirit altogether from what I was when I first came in contact, consciously, with you, and had my eyes and soul opened to the truth. I cannot tell you how much I am benefited by the messages I hear you read and discuss with your friends, and also by the explanation of the truth that Mr. Morgan so often gives to the spirits who come to dissuade him from doing his work.

It may seem strange to you that we are benefited by what you mortals may say as to the truths of the spirit world, and you may naturally suppose that we, being here in the spirit world, would more easily learn these truths from the higher spirits than learn the same from you; but the fact is that these higher spirits do not often come into our plane and disclose these truths, except when they come and communicate with you. Of course, we have spirits here who teach us truths, but these truths are not of so comprehensive a nature as what you receive. We are taught only as we progress and are fitted to receive the next lesson in advance, as you might say. This may not appeal to your reasoning in such matters, but it is a truth.

You are having revealed to you a wonderful plan of God for the salvation of man, and to be taught to men whether their conditions are such as to enable them to fully grasp the great significance of the truths or not. We are taught that plan only as we progress, and that truth or part of the truth is sufficient for us as we are at the time capable of applying or making it our own.

I merely thought that you would like to know just what the truth is in reference to our being taught and the manner in which we are taught by these spirits, whose work it is to open up to us the truths that may be embraced by us. So you see, we can learn of things by listening to your messages and the instructions that you and your friend and my friend may give us, where we cannot learn from our spirit teachers.

I am with him a great deal, and am his friend and protector so far as in my power, as I promised to be. I could not be otherwise, and he must not forget that among all the spirits here who love him, he has no more devoted friend than

Sam Ford.

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