Jun 10 2006 | James E. Padgett: Love’s power to erase error

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Love’s power to erase error.

June 10, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


My dear sister, you know that we always are able to share our feelings and thoughts with our mortal brothers and sisters whenever they are willing to allow us to channel our thoughts through them. Oftentimes channelings are given to a person for a specific reason, to answer their question or give guidance of a personal nature. All channelings do not have to be shared unless it is acceptable to the medium for others to read them.

If a medium is worried about not being able to prevent their own thoughts from interfering with the intent of the spirit writer, this anxiety will create more blocks and perhaps interfere with what the spirit was hoping to write. Sometimes when we have a certain thought to convey, it can amazingly become overshadowed by something else which comes up at the moment.

So it’s a good idea to not have grandiose expectations that every message will be an earth shattering event, but one of a mundane sort. We also go through our progression little by little, and even though we rarely become bored, or involved in anything unpleasant (except as we see our brothers and sisters in a state of distress) we know that love is the answer, that everything will be resolved by love.

It pleases us to see our beloved charges on earth learn about the value of love, prayed for, manifested, and channeled for the benefit of all who are in proximity of that interchange with the Source. When one goes about their daily activities knowing that love will make everything good and right, they will have a successful day; they will be uplifted in spirit and will lift up others who are in their presence. It is difficult to have a bad day when one is being loving and hopeful. Love has the power to erase errors and forge new pathways.

So please try to always remember the importance of giving your love, starting with yourself. Know that you are worthy of being loved and know that the Heavenly Father Loves you enough to make up for love you fail to receive elsewhere. When you know this, then you can freely give your love to any and all you come into contact with because the more love you give, the more Love you receive from the Creator Soul.

I didn’t realize that I was going to emphasize the importance and greatness of Love in your lives, but it is a good lesson and one which I hope will be taken to heart. Since we have been observing that short lessons are easy to absorb and apply, I will end now and thank you for allowing me to convey my thoughts in this way.

You will begin to feel more comfortable with this process as you resume receiving on a more regular basis. I am your friend and brother in spirit, James Padgett. We all are grateful for the wonderful work you’re doing and the spiritual progress you’re making as a community. We love you, each and every one.

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