Feb 6 1917 | Mary Kennedy, soulmate of Dr. Leslie Stone, referring to a message written by John the Apostle.

True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Mary Kennedy, soulmate of Dr. Leslie Stone, referring to a message written by John the Apostle.

February 6th, 1917.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


(Mr. Padgett suggested to Dr. Stone that they go out and get a cup of coffee.)

Let me say that you think more about your coffee than you do about hearing from us, and we are not at all flattered.

(Mr. Padgett then said he meant after the message.)

Well, pardon me, for that places a new meaning to your remarks, but of course I am only joking, for I know you would rather hear from us than drink your coffee or eat your pie, for we go with you at times to the lunchroom and see you and the Doctor eat, and try to make ourselves believe that we are eating with you.

Well, you wonder who this is, and if I were not writing I would pull that dear boy’s ear so that he would be able to tell you who is here. I thought that I would write a few words tonight, as Helen says that for peace’s sake I will have to do so, and I have been very anxious to write, and since John wrote you as he did, I am more anxious than ever, for his assurances are so important that I feel that I must tell Leslie that it was actually John who wrote, and that what he wrote had accompanying it the authority of a spirit almost Divine – yes, really Divine for he is of the Divine Angels of the highest spheres. I am so much interested that Leslie shall believe this message of John that I think that even my corroboration may help him to believe. And I must further tell him that I have heard the Master say that he, Leslie, has been selected for this work, and that power and other gifts will he his, that will enable him to do the work; and what a wonderful thing it all is.

I intended to write him something of a love letter tonight for the occasion, but the thing that John has written is of so much more importance that I will postpone my expressions of love and with all my soul try to cause him to believe, and never doubt, the decree that has been spoken; and my soulmate is the selection of the great Master, and I am so happy, and I thank God that such a thing has come to pass.

I am his true Mary – his eternal soulmate – and know that when he comes to me, the results of his work will make him one of the shining ones, not because only of the good that he has done to others, but because in doing this work then will come into his own soul so much of the Divine Love that he will be enabled to come into the Higher Spheres, and the sooner be at-one with his Mary.

I love him with all my heart and soul, and am waiting patiently for the time to come when the great consummation of our love will make us one in truth.

I must not write more. So good night,

Your sister and his own true,


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