Jul 1 1925 | The next important message that was received by Eugene Morgan from Mr. Padgett was about two years later on July 1st, 1925.

True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3

The next important message that was received by Eugene Morgan from Mr. Padgett was about two years later on July 1st, 1925.

July 1st, 1925.

Received by Eugene Morgan.

Washington D.C.


I am here, James E. Padgett.

Among those present tonight is your old and much astonished friend Padgett. Yes, astonished for I never had the slightest conception when we so intimately associated as to your marvelous intellectual possession. Morgan1 you are able to grasp what you are actually accomplishing.

Wumas, a marvelous spirit, is your great admirer, and says: “That, as a mundane man you have no equal in respect to the use of the reasoning faculties and powers to disclose their processes.” I am engaged in the work and find untold happiness in the thought that I contributed what I did to its success and at the same time a sadness will creep into my very soul when I recall that I did not do this to the extent I might. Well that cannot be remedied and I can now only try to make up for my delinquency.

My home is in the Celestial Heavens2 and Helen and I are together and supremely happy. She also participates in the work and in fact does, as you say, every spirit of the Celestial Heavens does in someway. For as a fact, you have awakened the desire of such countless numbers of spirits outside of our world that it requires the service of all of us to look after them.

I have wanted to write for a long time, but conditions have not been such that I deemed that I was justified in gratifying my desires, but tonight it is possible and I have availed myself of the opportunity.

When the Dr. is with you, read this message to him and say that I am with him a great deal as well as are spirits of the Celestial, whose love is always about him.

Washington3 is a marvelous spirit and is second to Samuel in his capacity as an organizer.

Let me say as a spirit of the Celestial Heavens that all men outside of these heavens, you are as the mouthpiece of the Master, the most transcendent in respect to position, as no king, ruler of nations or people are your equal.

Wumas must write, as he says, soon as I finish, so I will give him the control.

James E. Padgett.


1 Mr. Morgan worked with dark spirits mostly and helped them see the light. And he mentioned that Wumas was over enthusiastic of his estimate of him.

2 The term “Celestial” is used throughout the Padgett Messages to indicate that the spirit has moved beyond the highest Spirit Sphere, which is the seventh, and entered the eternal realms.

3 Washington was a part of Eugene Morgan’s band.

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