Dec 31 1916 | Helen was with Padgett and Dr. Stone at a Presbyterian church for the New Year’s Eve service.

True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Helen was with Padgett and Dr. Stone at a Presbyterian church for the New Year’s Eve service.

December 31st, 1916.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, we are here in great numbers and all wish you and the Doctor a very Happy New Year, and one that will bring to you not only prosperity and happiness in your material affairs, but also a great and abundant inflowing of the divine love of the Father, which will bring you a happiness that no earthly prosperity can possibly bring. We were with you tonight at the (New Year’s Eve) church services and tried to throw around you our influence of love and peace – the peace that passeth all understanding – and when this peace came to you as it did to a degree, we all rejoiced.

The Master was present, for there were many souls there that were longing for this love, although they associated it with Jesus in the way that they believed it came from him as the fountainhead; but notwithstanding this error, their souls were right and the Holy Spirit responded, and the Love was present and many a worshipper felt its influence.

I suppose that you and the Doctor would like to know who were present, and I should like to tell you but to do so would require more paper and more time than you have at your disposal tonight. But this I will say, that in addition to the Master there were present your special guardians. I mean John and James, and also Mary and the Doctor’s parents and sisters, and your parents and of course myself. We all felt that as this is the night that brings into your lives a new year, with the great possibilities that will be yours, we should become a little human and bring to you our love and wishes, and the fact that there are surrounding you the spirits of those who once loved you so much when they lived on earth and had nothing more than faith. Now they come to you with knowledge, and with some of them the knowledge that they are angels, and redeemed children of the Father, and inhabitants of His celestial kingdom – the kingdom which Jesus has been and is establishing for the eternal homes of all who may receive the new birth.

If you could have seen all the glorious spirits that were present, and the love and beauty that surrounded you, you would have thanked God with all the powers of your soul that you were so blessed, and we all said and prayed to the Father – “God bless you,” and what it meant only we knew, though you could receive its benefits.

Well, I am happy, and Mary is happy and all the spirits who love you so much, are happy. What a blessed thing the love of the Father is! As the preacher said, this Love makes your soul a new thing, not as a new creation only, but in the important element of being new in quality and consistency. I hope that you may continue to increase in your realization of the abundance of this love that will surely be yours, if you continue to pray to the Father in earnest and longing desire.

I will not write more tonight except to say, that Mary wants to tell the Doctor that as the hours go by she feels that she is getting closer and closer to him in the holy love that is theirs, and that can never be taken from them. She is anxious that he feel this growing love and increased rapport, and that some day she may become as real to him in his conscious recollections, as he is to her. So repeating our wish that you both may have a Happy New Year, with increasing love and joy as the year grows older, I will say with all my heart’s love, good night. We both want our kisses.

Your own true and loving,


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