Nov 1 1916 | A spirit who has received the Divine Love writes of his efforts to awaken other spirits to the true religion

True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3

A spirit who has received the Divine Love writes of his efforts to awaken other spirits to the true religion.

1st November, 1916.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Leander Albright.

Let me write a few lines. I am the spirit of one who passed from mortal life to spirit a great many years ago in a country very far from this place, and I am now in the higher spiritual spheres striving to progress to higher and higher spheres.

I merely want to say that I know the reality of the truth of the Divine Love, and how it makes a man more in unison with the Father, as he receives it more abundantly in his soul.

Many here who are in the higher spiritual spheres do not know what this Love is and do not seem to care to know, because they are very happy in the development of their mental faculties and natural love, and cannot be persuaded that there is anything greater or more desirable for them to obtain. My work is to try to awaken these spirits to the truth of true religion, and to show them the way to eternal life and at-onement with the Father. This task is difficult to perform, and the indifference of many of these spirits is so fixed that the process of awakening their souls is very slow, and to one who does not know the truth and the necessity for teaching them the way, the work would be quite disheartening.

I have recently learned the fact that spirits communicate through you, and I have become much interested and am endeavoring to help spread the truths of the Father. Jesus is working with you, and I see him write you quite often in his endeavors to reveal these truths.

Your wife says that I have written enough and must stop. So I will say, with my love, good night.

Leander Albright

late of Aberdeen, Scotland.

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