Jun 3 2006 | James E. Padgett: The Good Stuff

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The Good Stuff.

June 3, 2006

Troup, Texas

Received by D.B.


You are ready Daniel so let us begin. I would like to respond to Geoff’s comments regarding my receiving of the messages from my elder brother in Christ, Jesus. Geoff, you said that I had “gotten the good stuff” and it is to this comment that I “also” wish to address.

Before I begin though, please allow me to say how very pleased the Master is with your outreach and that your work serves as a model for others to pattern. In addition, this is a manifestation of your greater soul condition for which there are many happy souls who have been led to the Father’s Love through you. The project you are contemplating is a good one and you are encouraged to proceed with your new venture.

As to the comment made about me receiving “the good stuff”, it is akin to what Jesus told his apostles, “greater things shall you do”. In the context of this statement, Jesus was referring to quantity and not quality. The work of the apostles would and will never exceed the original teaching of the Master. The three brief years of Jesus’ ministry was also akin to my brief and fleeting 10 years of receiving his revelations. Some of you have many years ahead of you with which to teach of these higher truths, where others have only a few.

My receiving of the Truth of the New Birth, stands as the “quintessential” message of Jesus and symbolizes the Second Coming of Jesus to mankind through this singular revelation. No Truth will ever be spoken that will exceed this truth.

The Law of Love:

The love of man for man for will make a perfect man, And the Love of God Divine, will make a man Divine and WILL NEVER BE SURPASSED IN ALL FUTURE REVELATIONS.

Essentially, all future revelations give further evidence of quantity as it were to this fundamental truth. In essence, the story gets told over and over…..and even if the language is changed to reflect the modern conditions of the times, the message is still the same: YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN.

Your friend and brother in Christ, James Edward Padgett.


The context of this comment was that we were discussing spiritual outreaches, and it is my view that the Celestials have many outreaches, but that James Padgett was an outreach that had “the good stuff” whereas others, albeit important, may not have this depth of Truth.



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